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Skye Sweetnam, who will serve as Tanya's face for the time being.

Junior Lieutenant Tanya Pavlichenko is a pilot in the prestigious Dolg Commanda EVAngelion unit, operating out of SI Golovko base to fight against the Vragi and their attempted destruction of mankind. In addition to being the Berzerker and pet manufactured in the company of Neo-Spartans and Second Impact Survivors (as yet unaware of her true nature), she shares a strong bond with her EVA unit, Cernobog, who has a bit of a mind of his own. He's rather fond of carnage and the thrill of battle, which is perhaps a reason why he goes so very well the the angry, fanatical Russian girl with a sadistic streak that makes the Pacific Ocean look tiny; whether it's from her militaristic upbringing or from the subtle beginnings of Cernobog's influence, Tanya relishes in combat, even if it's something as simple as a game of soccer. (But at least she has the good sense — and rapport with him — to keep him from attacking her teammates while berserk.)

Spending time in the constant company of people is proving to be good for her: given that she's never been around so many people for so long, Dolg Commanda is teaching her some basic social skills and how to enjoy herself with others, and she's even come to regard Griet, Elsa, and Dostov as her friends. So far, she's nicknamed all of them, hugged two, held hands with Elsa (significant progress from Tanya's attempt at inciting a stand-off for the single room), and even gotten used to sharing a room with Griet. Still, there's something noticeably off about her ... with "off" in this case meaning "borderline autistic." Granted, it comes with the territory of being a manufactured; with as horrible as she could be, considering her laboratory-crafted, inhuman psychology, everyone who spends time with her is probably lucky that she generally fails at tact, social skills, and understanding that the rest of the world is not there simply for her amusement. If her temper problem is any indication, she'd be even worse to deal with, were she a sociopath.

She has a fondness for history and, she has discovered, Junior Lt. Dostov Pokryshkin's cooking. (it doesn't come from a box! or taste like borscht and cardboard!) Unfortunately, most of her attempted jokes get lost in the timing, and her teammates have yet to understand why she wants poor Griet Jacobs to suddenly cease being South African and turn into an Italian. (The answer to this being that Elsa Faustus and Miko Nakamura are German and Japanese, respectively, so having an Italian would mean that their team would have two Russians and the WW2 Axis powers ... and a Frenchman as their handler. Nobody's perfect.)

Her elective classes at school focus on history and biology, and she participates in the soccer, track and field, and wrestling teams.

Type: Dice-based game, run on IRC.
System: Aedptus Evangelion (fan expansion of Dark Heresy).
Campaign: NERV Siberia.
Fandom: Neon Genesis Evangelion; original character.
Created: 31st December, 2010.
Active: 4th January, 2011 — present.

Personality & History

Tanya Ivanova Pavlichenko, aged fifteen, stands at 5'8" with an angular, boyish build and the general first impression she gives off is that of someone you probably don't want to spend that much time around — not because she looks threatening (though her increasing strength is changing that) or particularly predisposed to moral dubiousness (read: evil actions), but because of the semi-permanent sneer that graces her pointy, potentially pretty face. Her lips are full, her nose slightly upturned, her muscles increasingly larger and well-defined and her face almost too symmetrical. She wears her dark hair a bit past her shoulders, opting to tie it in a ponytail more often than not as she considers it too "unruly" when left to its own devices; her blue eyes, on close examination, seem a shade too pale. Her speech is most often brusque and to the point, but marked with precise language and references to not ostensibly relevant matters (most often, history) that she expects others to follow without explanation.

Although it takes a certain amount of time to notice, she has difficulty maintaining eye contact and when she hardly notices when she lets her eyes dart around unless actively trying to keep them in one place. Her eye movements are not conscientious attempts at being aware of her surroundings, but more of a tic arising from her laboratory-created neurology and as such, she receives no practical benefit from it. Additionally, she displays difficulty with other nonverbal areas of communication: her understanding of and ability to read facial expressions and emotional cues is rudimentary, at best, both in herself and in others and her emotional vocabulary is often limited to basic sentiments (e.g., happy, sad, angry, etc.), or a description of the physical manifestations of an emotion with no deeper analysis of the psychological level of it (e.g., "My face is flushed, my heart rate increased, and my arms would enjoy breaking your nose"). Attempting to describe her own emotional state leads to statements such as the latter and, "I feel… pink today" (with an ensuing explanation that of course this is irrational). The nuances of tone sometimes escape her, especially in the cases of irony, sarcasm, and metaphorical speech; likewise, she suffers from a chronic lack of tact, understands other people less on their own terms and more in terms of their relation to her and what she wants from them, or else limited to the strictly theoretical. When dealing with other people — meaning, those who aren't herself or her former lifelong handlers — one of her most common feelings is that of exasperation; she possesses a naturally gifted and exceptionally trained intelligence, and she often forgets that not everyone operates on her level or sees the world in the same way that she does.

All of the above make it easy to write Tanya off as a grade A, garden variety bitch who cares little for others, and who is only prevented from being called a sociopath because her short temper reveals that her emotions do run deeply. Further time spent with her reveals more holes in this would-be diagnosis: she is neither manipulative nor especially interested in hurting other people unless there is a reason for it; when she does hurt people, it is most often unintentionally, be it through failing to hold back enough in a sparring match or through a remark that she doesn't realize was offensive or hurtful; she acknowledges that other people are people, but she doesn't understand them; she avoids lying and, in fact, is a horribly unconvincing hand at it; and so on. Especially since coming to the SI Golovko base and meeting the rest of Dolg Kommanda — in short, receiving exposure to social interaction with people other than her handlers and the occasional visitor — she wants to engage with people (and, though she's loath to admit it, she wants to have friends), and because of her problems with nonverbal communication, she has yet to realize that the way she behaves is immensely off-putting.

The fact of the matter is that Tanya's heart is (generally) in the right place, but she has a limited idea of how her execution comes across to others. Accustomed to being the star and the center of attention, she believes that she is entitled to most anything she wants and that she is the best of the best; challenges to either belief frustrate and confuse her, and she does not handle proof of any insufficiencies well (beyond her relative lack of skill with firearms, as she prefers melee combat anyway). It also seems to go without saying, but Tanya doesn't do the sharing thing very well.

More than her borderline Autistic tendencies, though, Tanya's true fatal flaw is her temper and her great capacity for rage. Unfortunately, this is also one of her greatest assets, especially when piloting her EVA unit. Unit 42, designation Cernobog, a Russian flagship, is "huge, bulky, and predatory, with [an unhinged jaw and fangs], but also enormous, rending talons and bulging muscles, its entire body giving the impression of a 45m tall demon. Its entire body is black, save the talons and the eyes, which are both bright red and menacing. It has huge, powerful support pistons built into the legs, as well, ready to help it pounce on its prey." Tanya has a great affection for her EVA, even thinking of him as a friend and companion, the entity that most understands her. Cernobog also has the honor of being the entity to whom Tanya shows the most empathy and reciprocity; he's been with her since her early days as an EVA Test Pilot and it is not a gross exaggeration to say that she has bonded more with him than almost anyone else. Using this bond and her natural anger, she follows the Berzerker's path, with a mind to mangle every vrag that gets in her way. Both in and out of her EVA, she prefers melee combat to ranged, and the heat of battle brings out some of the worst in her: she rushes headlong into fights and skirmishes for many reasons (further detailed below), gets going on the rush and the outlet that fully satisfies the anger she generally keeps in check (letting it come up in snappishness and exasperation, but little else), and then a sadistic streak takes over, a desire to see her opponents pained and broken so her notions of superiority are confirmed. Put briefly: there is a reason why she's Dolg Kommanda's resident honey badger.

As a manufactured, Tanya has neither parents nor living extended family, and she's grown up without a sense of either as well as without a sense of what it's like to associate with the majority of other people. In the dark as to her true nature, she believes that her parents — Ivan Fyodorovich Pavlichenko and Agalya Maksimevna Pavlichenko — were military heroes, who died attempting to defend Mother Russia. Her former handlers, Dr. Tuchechev (who oversaw her health and education) and Sgt. Dobrovsky ("a Spetsnaz veteran who saw to her hand to hand and physical training, as well as teaching her to use a rifle"), are in effect replacement parents, especially in the former's case. Tanya often says of the doctor, "She is like a mother to me." Aside from her handlers, Tanya's upbringing was isolated, lonely, and Benedictine, following a rigid training schedule. As Tanya progressed in the Druzhina program, many other pilots in the same facility fell by the wayside, or their EVA units failed to work. The facility she called home came to be called The Boneyard and when told that the other pilots were none of her concern, she never questioned it. Any questions about her parents were met with similarly blanket explanations that Ivan and Agalya had died serving The Greater Good of Mother Russia. In a sense, The Greater Good of Mother Russia is the most consistent good thing that she's ever known, and it shows: Tanya is a firm patriot and a nationalist, believes in the superiority of Mother Russia, and is most easily manipulated by someone taking advantage of her love of her homeland.

[THIS IS A PLACEHOLDER FOR KASSIE TO WRITE ABOUT HOW TANYA'S (NOT) COPING WITH THE REVELATION THAT SHE WAS MANUFACTURED IN A LABORATORY. …oh, and her relationship with Cernusha. …oh, and that UST with Elsa that keeps cropping up.

ETA, 10/25/11: oh, and this new shit going on with SEELE, the UN Commission on Human Instrumentality, Adam, Lilith, Gendo Ikari of Tokyo-3 being a major douchehat, talking to Cernusha (and actually hearing him use WORDS) and to Mephistopheles, the Tunguska Event, conspiracy theory stuff …and that UST that CONTINUES to crop up and go unresolved with Elsa.]

Also, she nicknames people. It's both a way of showing fondness (despite the fact that most of the nicknames are fairly offensive) and of declaring someone to be hers, in the sense that s/he is, for better or for worse, part of Tanya's team. Her list of nicknames for other PCs (both used in game and prospective ones) follows, and will likely get considerably longer:

  • Griet Jacobs
    • Bobo: in reference to Griet's kudu meatloaf thing.
  • Dostov Pokryshkin
    • Mishka: approximately, Russian for "teddy bear."
    • Fuzzy: because whether or not he is actually hairy, he is like a bear. And bears are fuzzy.
    • Bruschetta: because this was the first thing he made for the team.
  • Elsa Faustus
    • Schnitzel: created in episode 2.
  • Miko Nakamura
    • Nigiri: to keep up the trend of cultural stereotype food names.
    • Miho: because Tanya wasn't really listening when they were introduced.
  • Capt. Nathanial Durond — note that these will probably never be uttered to his face. Tanya has too much respect for the military hierarchy to do that, even if Durond is from the UN and a Frenchman.
    • Captain Escargot: created in episode 3.
  • Cernobog — the fact that she nicknamed her EVA unit is a good indicator of just how inhuman her inhuman psychology is. Anyway, she's taken to calling him Cernusha (sometimes Chernushka) as of episode 10.
  • Lt. Andriy Helmanitski: Newbie.
  • Lt. Kastyev: Hot Stuff. …because she has a mutation that causes her blood to boil. And boiling is hot. …Tanya thinks this is hilarious, but is vaguely aware of its utter lack of social appropriateness.

Character Sheet

Birthday: April 11th, 2000.
Career Path: Berzerker.

  • Ranks Achieved: Rank 1 (Brawler), Rank 2 (Savage), Rank 3 (Berzerker), Rank 4 (Ghoul), Rank 5 (Devourer), Rank 6 (Chimera).

Honors: Nominated for Medal for Combat Distinction, for risking her life and narrowly surviving plug breach and ejection.

Starting Experience: 400 EXP + 400 EXP from Drawbacks.
Experience Spent: 9200 EXP / Experience To Spend:
Total Experience: 10,000 EXP.

Weapon Skill: 44 (+3 bonus — 34 base, +10 from simple, intermediate characteristic increase; 350 EXP)
Ballistic Skill: 28 (+2 bonus)
Strength: 45 (+4 bonus; 33 base, +2 from time management, +10 from simple, intermediate increases; 350 EXP)
Toughness: 40 (+4 bonus; 35 base, +5 from simple characteristic increase; 100 EXP)
Agility: 42 (+4 bonus; 40 base, +2 from time management)
Intelligence: 37 (+3 bonus)
Perception: 31 (+3 bonus)
Willpower: 45 (+4 bonus; 40 starting, +5 from simple characteristic advance, 250 EXP)
Fellowship: 24 (+2 bonus; 25 starting)
SR: 53% (base); +20 from simple, intermediate, trained, expert characteristic advances (73%? +7 bonus?) (1,600 EXP).

note: SR got up to 90% during the battle with VRAG-02 (Pestilence); SR got up to 115% during the battle with VRAG-08 (Dreadnought), who soon thereafter learned that it is a Very Bad Idea to let Cernusha and Tanya over-synch and/or trigger Cernusha into 'zerker mode.

  • Fate: 3/3
  • Wounds: 12/12 starting; 16/16, Sound Constitution x4.
  • Insanity: 36/100.
  • Ego Barrier: 55/100.
  • Contaminations:
    • Gained an elongated tongue and sharper teeth, as well as jaws that open a little wider than they should. —1 Fel.
    • After destroying Adam: "Tanya's fine, though as an added effect, her eyes have now become the color of LCL." SUPER DUPER FUCKING AWESOME ORANGE EYES OF DOOM.

Manufactured Traits: Embraced Expendability, Opportunistic Synchronizer / Flawed, Inhuman Psychology
Assets: Quick Healer (200 EXP), Made for Each Other (200 EXP)
Drawbacks: Fanatical (200), Sadistic (100), Short Fuse (100), Impetuous (200)


  • Skills: Awareness +20 (100 — drawbacks EXP, 100 EXP for the increase, 100 EXP for second increase), Skill Training (Logic; +10 bonus; Manufactured skill), Skill Training (Deceive; +10 bonus; Manufactured skill), Speak Language & Literacy (Russian), Skill Proficiency (Acrobatics) (berzerker starting skill), Skill Training (Intimidate) (proficiency, berzerker starting skill; training, 100 EXP), Crushing Blow (100 EXP), Dodge +10 (100 EXP).
  • Weapons Talents: Melee Weapon Training (General) (berzerker starting talent), Basic Weapon Training (General) (100 EXP — drawbacks EXP), Melee Weapon Training (Progressive) (100 EXP — drawbacks EXP)
  • Other Talents: AT Power (Deflective Field) (berzerker starting talent), A.T. Power (Neutralize) (berzerker starting talent), Ghost in the Machine (200 EXP — half drawbacks EXP, half gained EXP), Bestial (100 EXP), AT Power (Push) (200 EXP), Frenzy (100), Battle Rage (200), Stirring Beast (300), Loose Control (100), Sound Constitution x4 (200), Restraint (100), Drop Trained (100 EXP), Berserk Charge (100 EXP), Disturbing Anatomy (200 EXP), Unleash the Beast (300 EXP), Cannibalize (200 EXP), Rip and Tear (100 EXP), Beyond Your Means (100 EXP), Indomitable (100 EXP), Allied Eva (200 EXP), AT Power (Accelerated Territory) (200 EXP), Brutality (200 EXP), The Beast Within (200 EXP), Carnage (200 EXP), Advanced Berserk (200 EXP), Lucid Eva (300 EXP), Feast (200 EXP), Blademaster (200 EXP).
  • Talent Details:
    • Advanced Berserk: When your Evangelion is Berserk, you may use the following A.T. Field Powers normally: Neutralize, Spread, Bunker Field, Angel’s Cross and AT Wave. Without advanced Berserk, you may only use the Spread and Neutralize powers.
    • Allied Eva: Your Evangelion, when Berserk, will never willingly attack an allied Evangelion. This does not apply to any enemy Evangelions on the field, or allied Evangelions under the control of an Angel.
    • Battle Rage: Retain some degree of control while frenzied. Spend reactions to parry in melee combat.
    • The Beast Within: You gain access to a conditional Fate Point that may only be spent while your Evangelion is Berserk. This Fate Point becomes available for your use the moment you succeed on a Berserk roll.
    • Bestial: Gain Improved Natural Weapon when Berserk. Choose one Natural Weapon of your Evangelion (BITE BITE BITE BITE. rawr omnomnomnom :E ). This weapon becomes an improved Natural Weapon (as the Trait from Dark Heresy) and may now be upgraded with any normal Melee Weapon Upgrade other than Progressive.
    • Beyond Your Means: When Berserk, your Evangelions Strength bonus is treated as 2 higher.
    • Blademaster: Re-roll a missed attack, once per round.
    • Brutality: During any full attack action, all attacks have the Tearing quality from Dark Heresy.
    • Cannibalize: If an Angel has not self destructed when defeated, and your Evangelion is Berserk when the battle has ended, your Evangelion begins to devour the flesh of the enemy as absorb its biomass. Your Evangelion regenerates a number of wounds equal to 2d5, applied how you choose to whatever body parts you wish.
    • Crushing Blow: +2 to all melee damage.
    • Disturbing Anatomy: The Eva’s flesh becomes slightly morphic, and may stretch and shape itself in ways that an Evangelion was never meant to. The Evangelion’s melee range is 10 dm, and its natural weapons have the Flexible special quality (As in Dark Heresy).
    • Feast: As Cannibalize, but you instead regain a number of wounds equal to 1d10 + your Evangelions Toughness bonus.
    • Frenzy: Spend a round to work self into a frothing rage. +10 Str & Willpower; -10 WS & Int. Must use all-out attack when possible.
    • Furious Assault: On a successful WS test, gain a second attack.
    • Ghost in the Machine: Reroll one failed chance to Berserk per session.
    • Indomitable: Whenever you remove points from your Ego Barrier, remove one less (to a minimum of one removed).
    • Loose Control: Roll a Berserk chance if the pilot is stunned in the Entry Plug.
    • Lucid Eva: Your Evangelion has become self aware, tolerating the pilot’s presence but ready to take control from the pilot at the first sign of weakness. Whenever the pilot loses SR from Synch Disruption, The Evangelion enters Berserk. In any situation where the Evangelion would normally roll to berserk, it enters berserk automatically.
    • Restraint: When your Evangelion is Berserk, it only has a 30% chance of attacking an allied Evangelion whenever appropriate. This does not apply to any enemy Evangelions on the field, or allied Evangelions under the control of an Angel.
    • Rip And Tear: If an enemy has taken Critical Damage to an arm or leg, you may make a called shot on that limb. If this called shot hits, make a Strength Test opposed by a Toughness Test. If your Strength Test succeeds, you automatically remove the limb in question. This attack may only be used while your Evangelion is Berserk.
    • Stirring Beast: The Evangelion you pilot has become the equivalent of a light sleeper, and enters Berserk mode with ease. When rolling to Berserk, on a roll of 8, 9 or 0 the Evangelion Berserks.
    • Unleash the Beast: Before rolling a Berserk chance, you may spend a Fate Point to automatically succeed on the roll.

Carnage: The Evangelion no longer needs to eat to absorb what it wants. Such a concept as digestion a quaint thing of the past. The Evangelion may gain all the normal benefits of eating a corpse or limb simply by touching its food, shredding and absorbing what it wants in a bloody mess.

In addition, when the Evangelion is Berserk, the Pilot may choose to spend a Fate Point once per session. As a result, and arm of the berserkers choice becomes distended and gooey as all of its armor simply falls away, reducing that arms AP to 0. The Evangelion may then strike an Angel or Evangelion with that arm and Test Toughness should the attack hit, and actual damage it inflicts or fails to inflict on the target being irrelevant. On a successful toughness test, the Evangelions flesh fuses with that of its target, spreading throughout the enemy and leeching biomass back into the Eva. Before the Angel can hope to reverse the process, the Eva brutally brings back the arm, tearing huge chunks of the Angel’s flesh out with its own limb, dealing (SB*2) damage that ignores armor and toughness. The Evangelion immediately absorbes this stolen biomass, and gains 1d10 wounds to be divided up amongst its injured areas as it chooses as well as 1 BUP with it may spend immediately. At this time, previously bought, but as yet unspent, BUP may be spent as well to help pay for a specific biological upgrade.

EVA Unit 42: Cernobog:

  • Characteristics:
    • WS: 34 (37? +3 from Predatory?)
    • BS: 28
    • Strength: 70 (63? — 30 base + 3 from Predatory, 10 + 20, raised four times — once with starting BUP, thrice with BUP gained through EXP (2 BUP / 100 EXP); +6 bonus)
    • Toughness: 50 (30 base + 10, toughness raised twice (2 BUP / 100 EXP); +4 bonus)
    • Agility: 40; 42 when running, leg pistons. (+4 bonus)
  • Armor Points / Wounds:
    • Head: 4 / 4
    • Right Arm: 6 / 6
    • Left Arm: 6 / 6
    • Body: 11 / 11
    • Right Leg: 6 / 6
    • Left Leg: 6 / 6
  • Traits:
    • Angelic Soul: The Eva's AT field pattern reads as Blue. Berserk Evas treat such an Eva as an Angel, and attack it whenever possible. While it’s Synch Ratio with its pilot is 1d5 less, it paradoxically has an ATS of 1 higher than normal.
    • Predatory: The Evangelion begins play capable of performing a 1d5+1 R bite attack. As Unrestrained Jaw, but the Eva gains a +3 to Weapon Skill and a +3 to Strength as well.
    • Leg Pistons: The Evangelion has high pressure support systems on its legs, driving its feet into the ground with extra force. Whenever the Eva takes the run action, treat its Ag as if it were 2 higher.
    • Flagship: The Evangelion was created and unveiled in a very public manner. It proudly bears the mark of whatever country built it, and is a symbol of national pride. In any battle where the Evangelion is defeated, subtract 2 collateral from the pool as the Eva’s home country chips in to repair it. However, they will not feel obligated to do anything else to alleviate Nerv’s deficit.
  • Miscellany:
    • Weapons: Bite (1d5+3 R), Prog Knife, Battle Rifle, Natural weapon (claws), natural weapon (slam — using arms or torso)
    • Acidic Saliva: The Eva’s Bite attack deals an extra 1d5 E damage, and increases its penetration by 2. In addition, the Eva can ‘spit’ the acid with a range of 5 dm to deal 1d5 E damage with a Penetration of 4.
    • Regenerative Flesh: After a battle in which this Evangelion took critical damage, subtract two points from the collateral pool.
    • Biological upgrades: Strength lvl 2 (berzerker starting BUP); strength level 3 (100 EXP), strength level 4 (100 EXP); toughness level 2 (100 EXP); Acidic Saliva (1 BUP / 50 EXP), Natural Weapon (Slam; 1 BUP / 50 EXP), Improved Damage (Bite; 1 WUP / 100 EXP), Regenerative Flesh (2 BUP / 100 XP), S2 Organ (acquire unlimited power; 4 BUP / 200 XP), WINGED FORM (3 BUP / 150 EXP), Advanced Biology (2 BUP / 100 EXP).
    • Weapons upgrades: Battle Rifle (berzerker starting WUP)
    • Structural upgrades: Armor Enhancement I (200 EXP), Armor Enhancement II (200 EXP).

Chronicle of In Game Events

Episode 01:

Episode 02:

Episode 03:

Episode 04: Tanya did strength training in her downtime, went to school, and played a game of soccer with her new friends, their Captain, and a few soldiers who happened to be kicking around. Dr Tuchechev, her surrogate mother-figure, got transferred to SI G. Base, which made for a very happy Manufactured. She also learned about the joy of having a snowball fight in one's EVA unit — and accidentally helped inspire the tech folks to learn more about how the AT fields work — and she accidentally hugged Dostov, in an attempt to resume the grappling match that they got their EVAs into out on the field. And it was the best day of Tanya's life ever.

Also, Dostov told her that she has a nice smile and that he hopes she'll smile more often. She is not yet sure what to make of this, but it did get her to blush.

Episode 05:

Episode 06:

Episode 07:

Episode 08:

Episode 09:

Episode 10:

Episode 11:

Episode 12: More to come in other episodes when player stops failing at upkeep of this section, but for the moment: Tanya and Chernusha ripped into VRAG-04's core, then weren't even seriously injured by the ensuing explosion. She survived an Entry Plug Breach and was mostly just singed — she won't even scar. Her first remark when Mjr. Durond pulled a Gendo and opened up the plug was, "…permission to criticize … You shouldn't be down – it *is* dead, right? I didn't do that for nothing?" YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID.

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